Rolex women 's watches

Rolex women's watches, ultra-luxury ladies watch: These watch brands with high gold content, production is limited, more than 100,000 yuan price. Super luxury watches series. Keywords: replica watches uk women's watches; Rolex women's watches; Rolex quote 1. Ultra-luxury ladies watch: These watch brands with high gold content, production is limited, mostly for more than 100,000 yuan price. Super luxury watches series. Patek Philippe; Audemars Piguet; Vacheron Constantin; A.LANGE & SOEHNE; Breguet; ROGER DUBIUS Haojue;

(Complex models, the general section for a class one); FRANK MULLER flange Muller (complex models, ordinary models for the general section for a class); rolex women's watches Athens A class one); rolex replica women 's watches GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL Glashütte (GUB39 automatic movement and female form as a class one); Girard Perregaux (complex models, the general section for a class one). 2. A class of first-class watches: rolex women's watches; IWC nations; Jaeger-LeCoultre; Cartier; Chopin; 3. A class of second-class watches: Zenith; KELEK; Kunlun; rolex women's watches; DANIEL ROTH; GERALD GENTA UNION (Germany); CHRONOSWISS Ruibao; PANERAI;

DUBEY & SCHALDENBRAND; Second-class first-class watches ETA backbone, more inclined to ETA senior core, a certain transformation and grinding process or design focused, occupy the mid-range high-level areas. TAG HEUER TAG Heuer; PAUL PICOT; MARTIN BRAUN; rolex women's watches. PORSCHE DESIGN Porsche (Yee Nianhua OEM, design win); IKEPOD (designer table, most of the Observatory level); ALAIN SILBERSTEIN Shobo Stan; EBERHARD (movement transformation function is strong, CHRONO4 stunning); VULCAIN Vergen (home alarm ring core); BVLGARI Bulgari; HUBLOT; VENTURA (designer table, most Observatory level). Second - class second - class watches ETA in the low-level core of the backbone, little change, polished in general, tools and strong, the price of five thousand to fifteen thousand or so, for the Chinese people class consumption. Radar; Movado; ETERNA chic (different quality and Porsche); XEMEX; REVUE THOMMEN Soman; PERRLET; SCHWARZ ETIENNE; rolex women's watches. MINI; JACQUES ETOILE; DANIEL JEAN-RICHARD; Germany: TUTIMA Di Ma; SINN; NIVREL (a few also used LEMANIA8810 brand);

MOWHLE; rolex women's watches; NOMOS; RAINER BRAND; HANHART; STOWA (JOERG SCHAUER); SOTHIS; 6. Three types of watches with ETA basic core of the goods, but the quality is guaranteed, authentic factory brand, the price of most million, the basic style for the play table. ORIS Howley; Tissot; HAMILTON Hamilton; MIDO Mito; ZENO; MARCELLO C; DAVOSA; Rolex female models watches There are a number of German carrying ETA (including 7750, UNITAS) of small brands, such as LIMES, KAUFMANN, LACO and so on.

7. Four types of replica watches These are still alive in Asia to buy the old European and American brands and some only for the Asian market of low-end brands, with ETA cheap core or Japanese core, plum; British Nag; Rome; West; according to Bo Road; Its China; DOXA; SANDOZ; Nevada; Olma; BULOVA Po Road, and so on. Swiss quartz watch should be of four categories: SWATCH Swatch; CERTINA Certina. Germany JUNHANS Poisson atomic table. Russian flight chronograph (imitation Swiss core 7734). 8. Five Seiko watches (Lion); Casio; Russian flight alarm table and Rostock (past military form). 9. Of course, six watches in mainland China watches.